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Discovering the meaning of life by sharing grief


A unique and riveting account of how the paths of two women crossed in coping with grief. A true first-person account of

the author, Monica Vest Wheeler, who continued to struggle with grief several years after her mother-in-law's passing,

until she connected with a friend's sister, Susie, who was dealing with the recent loss of her boyfriend. Both discover much about life and love as they meet in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for a weekend to console each other.

Meet Me

Meet Me in Myrtle

This book is an excellent resource for grief support groups and features talking points to stimulate conversation about a necessary, yet delicate, subject. Monica also writes about coping with the emotional and everyday challenges of coping with catastrophic illnesses and injuries, including Alzheimer's disease, stroke and other topics.



From Monica  


It took me a long time to give birth to this book because it was so personal and emotional. I had to find a lot of courage to write it and share it first with my loved ones, particularly my husband, Roger.


By reading "Meet Me in Myrtle," he learned more about ME, his soulmate of nearly 40 years, than he ever imagined. Plus, he learned more about his own mother and the strong bond she and I had, and the depths of my depression after she passed away in 2000.


This book lays the groundwork for a major transformation in my life, personally and professionally, and explains why I "do what I do," write and speak about coping with the emotional side of catastrophic injuries, illnesses and diseases. The empathy that I have for individuals and families going through these challenges is genuine as I understand the rollercoaster of emotions and feelings that can guide or derail us. It's our choice more than we realize.


When you read "Meet Me in Myrtle," please share your thoughts and experiences in coping with the loss of loved ones and what you have learned about yourself at the same time. Please drop me a message at [email protected] as I will be working on projects related to hospice and the final chapter of our lives in the near future.


Always remember that there is great hope and countless rewards by the simple act of sharing love. Connecting with fellow human beings IS what life is all about.


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