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A former weekly newspaper reporter and editor, Monica Vest Wheeler focuses on coping with and surviving the everyday and emotional challenges of brain-related injuries, illnesses and diseases.


In addition to co-authoring a book on coping with cancer, Monica has written about Alzheimer’s in "Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Memory Loss: Straight Talk for Families & Caregivers," one of the books in her Help Me Cope & Survive! series. Her latest projects in the series focus on coping with the daily challenges of stroke, brain injuries and brain tumors-brain cancer.


She’s spent thousands of hours working with and interviewing hundreds of patients, survivors, families and caregivers, and healthcare professionals, and interviewed individuals affected by the horrors of the Holocaust and intolerance. She’s given dozens of presentations on ways to cope with the emotions of catastrophic injuries, illnesses and diseases; the Holocaust and tolerance; the need to communicate; ways to express emotions on paper and verbally, how to use family history to better understand oneself and family today; and much more. She's also interviewed individuals affected by the horrors of the Holocaust and intolerance.


Her warm and engaging speaking style is helping to bridge the silence that is so pervasive for those dealing with disease, loss and crisis.


For more information about Monica's books or to arrange a presentation for your group or organization, contact Monica at 1-877-267-4640. 

























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Alzheimer's, dementia and memory loss

For family caregivers: “The Reality of Denial”

For professionals: "Secret Prescription for Alzheimer's Caregivers"


















"The New Normal"

"There is Life After Stroke"

















For high school and teen audiences: "Tolerance is Not a Joke"

For general adult audiences: "Look at Your Level of Tolerance in the Mirror"









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Traumatic brain injuries

"Take Time to Meet the Real Me"

"TBI: Beyond the 'Event' "



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