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Stroke Caregivers: You Can Meet The Challenges


Designed for stroke caregivers, this is the ultimate companion to help you make it through those seemingly insurmountable everyday challenges.


Coping with Stroke

Coping with Stroke

Coping with Stroke: 50 Answers to Everyday Caregiver Challenges

is designed as a guidebook to which you can turn at any moment for

inspirational and realistic advice that will help you make it through the

challenges you face caring for a loved one who has suffered a stroke.


Simple, concise and amazingly informative, this book is just for you if you’re struggling with the physical and emotional challenges of being the one in charge of a stroke survivor’s care.


My goal is to be a friend by your side and a trusted advisor at the every step of your journey into the unknowns of caregiving.


This book gives you:


- information, confidence and hope to deal with today


- ways to face the new and surprising situations you’ll face


- stories from people who’ve already traveled a similar path


- words of strength and comfort, assuring you can do this


- and so much more.


This compact volume is filled with the best and most practical first-hand quotes, insights and tips you’ll ever find on coping with the emotional challenges of dealing with stroke as a caregiver.


Every word is real, common-sense advice.  


While the story of one survivor or caregiver can be extraordinarily moving and instructive, real life demands that you educate yourself in many classrooms. Because everyone and every stroke is different, I’ve gleaned perspective from hundreds of survivors and caregivers to bring you the information you need — information about the diverse realities of stroke.  


In this easy-to-read book, I provide snippets of one experience, then another and yet another that you can piece together to help you understand how you can best cope with this complex puzzle called stroke.


Sure, there are physical challenges with stroke, but the emotional exercises can be just as brutal. Emotions are often overlooked because the world so often only understand the effects it can see.


We can’t see grief that comes with the loss of abilities, the destruction of life dreams and plans, disappearing friends and family and the unexpected changes that happen within the survivor and caregiver as they struggle with this brain attack.  


We fear what we can’t see happening in the human brain -- when the survivor looks perfectly normal but behaves differently than he or she once did.


Stroke creates a whole new world for everyone touched by it. As a caregiver, you carry a great deal of responsibility in this constant whirlwind of emotions for maintaining a focus on love, compassion and empathy. It’s no wonder you need some help along the way.  


Indulge in this book’s words of wisdom, advice and unique insights as you continue to adjust to your life as a caregiver. It’s primary message is simple: You are not alone. Period.  


As you go through this journey, you’ll want this book by your side. Things may get really, really tough for you at times, but you can face the challenges with courage and dignity.


Your loved one has already survived their stroke, but now you face many challenges too. With the sensible, reasonable advice that I bring to you in this book, you can survive too. You have to. There’s someone very special depending on you.

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